Tk20 Help Sheets for Marian University Educators College

Help Sheets:

Please email Deb Gardner at to report errors or misconceptions on the Help Sheets, request a new Help Sheet, add to the wish list, or communicate any other obstacles or questions using Tk20.

Implementation and Adoption Snapshot: 

Applications currently in use:
  • Field Experience - for all practicums and clinical internships
  • Course Based Assessments ¬†- for EPP wide assessments, Teacher Education Phase Assessments and SPAs
  • Submitting electronic applications for Phase I Teacher Education Program
  • Submitting Assessment Portfolios for Phase I Assessment¬†
  • Submitting electronic applications for Clinical Internship
  • Preparing Presentation Portfolios to send to prospective clinical internship placements

Applications recently implemented or in testing:

On the near horizon:
  • Advisement
  • Transition Point Management
Just over the horizon but still in our virtual site:
  • Curriculum Mapping
Issues We Are Working to Resolve:

  • Update year in Tk20 from CAMS (freshman, sophomore, etc.)