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The Dam v1.1.1 - 17th February

Okay - lets try THIS version. This one should work in Server mode ( the last one would only work in standalone due to some water volumes with an illegal number of vertices). 


The Dam v1.1 - 17th February 2007 

This is a "fix it" release - hopefully this version should work in server mode. It also includes the License and Readme that I omitted last time around.


Desert Mesa v1.0 - 23rd November 2006

A new scenario, this time set amongst the Mesas in the desert. This rocky, hot environment is a harsh place to survive and opposing tanks don't make it any easier.




Volcanic Deposits v1.5 - 21st November 2006 

Updates! Having learned several lessons about scenario design over the course of the last three scenarios, I've gone back and updated the first scenario "Volcanic Deposits". The roads are similar in layout to before but they now curve through the landscape and are horizontal across the road for easier driving. Some shallow gullies have been cut into the landscape to provide cover for the tanks and more buildings have been added to the main areas of the map. Get the updated version!


The Dam - 7th November 2006

Here is a new level to explore, plunder and attack - The Dam. Download it: TheDam-v1.0.tar.gz 

If you run it against DropTeam 1.2.1 (the latest) it will complain that the Hopewell environment map is missing. Hopefully that will be fixed in 1.2.2 - for now edit TheDam.scenario and find the line that looks like


and alter it to read: <EnvironmentMapBaseFilename>Archipelago</EnvironmentMapBaseFilename>

This will use the Archipelago environment map (so the water will be using the wrong reflection),

If you are interested in the techniques used to create this, take a look at the tutorial over at the DropTeam wiki

Sea Cliffs - 26th September 2006

This area of coastline is home to a port, a research station and a military base. Seize it's assets!



Volcanic Deposits - 23rd September 2006

This formerly active volcanic region is now the scene of battles between warring Clans of the Rim worlds. Defend your resources from the onslaught. 

Volcanic Deposits v1.0 was included as part of DropTeam v1.1.6. Sadly, I must have included the wrong heightfield file, which was flipped north/south. 

Version v1.1 is almost identical but has (I hope) the correct heightfield.