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17th February 2007

First - there is an update to "The Dam" scenario. Go grab it from the Resources page - DropTeam resources 

Secondly, it's time for the terrain modification tools I've been using to see some light. I've created a new page for the Flow Motion tools. Right now it's a little bare but it will slowly fill up with examples.

   Flow Motion

15th November 2006 

Something a little different - a new object for static defence. Take a look at DropTeam objects

9th November 2006

 There are now three scenario available for download at the DropTeam resources page - the all new "Dam", Sea Cliffs and Volcanic Deposits. The latter two will be getting a little bit of spit and polish in the next few days to tidy up some loose ends.

12th September 2006

My first stab at a scenario for the futuristic tank battle game DropTeam is now at version 1.0. That means I'm no longer so embarrassed by it that I wish to keep it hidden!

 It can be downloaded here. Unpack all the contents into your DropTeam "data"  directory and it should be available under "Standalone".