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Embedded here is my blogpage. Hosted thanks to (now owned by google). Here I post longer things (usually what would normally be called a "blog" or a "long buzz" or something). Most of this is straight from my head, I correct mistakes as I find them, but these are only typos and grammer stuff. I have to make it clear that posted below is my opinion, a glimpse into the world through my eyes (or head rather); this means that a lot of this people will not agree with, or find insulting. You are welcome to comment on my posts, in fact i'd love it if you would. However please try to keep it nice and meaningful, nothing like "you're an idiot" or something. I understand that some of my opinions might seem odd to a lot of people, but rather than be embarresed about that, it is something I am proud of. Please enjoy though, and comment on the comment gadget on the side of the post page (below the tags). 

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