Joseph Howard

  • B.S. Degree in Kinesiology
    • Umass Amherst, 2010
    • Minor in Psychology
    • Relevant Courses Completed:
        • Strength Training
        • Exercise Technique
        • Prevention and care of injuries
        • Human Performance
        • Bio-mechanics
        • Anatomy and Physiology (1&2)
        • Exercise Physiology
        • Nutrition
        • Exercise Testing
        • Physics (1&2)
        • Neurology

Experience & Work History

  • Personal Trainer, Master Level
    • Current Position
    • BSC Allston, MA
  • Fitness Manager
    • The Body Shop Fitness Center
    • Amherst, MA
  • Wellness Center C0-Manager
    • JQA Residential Wellness Center
    • Amherst, MA
  • Personal Trainer
    • JQA Residential Wellness Center
    • Amherst, MA
  • Fitness Specialist
    • The Body Shop Fitness Center
    • Amherst, MA


  • Certified Personal Trainer
    • National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Kettlebell Instructor
    • Level 1 - Kettelbell Concepts


 Phoebe Compton

"Various BSC members have become a welcomed sight as part of my gym experience. However. one of your team members, without question, stands way beyond all others in my many years as a BSC gym member. His name is Joe Howard, my personal trainer for the past few years. Joe's knowledge, his preparation, his focus and vigilance at each of our training sessions, is beyond parallel in my experience. Joe's ability to assist me in preparation for and sessions, is beyond parallel in my experience. Joe's ability to assist me in preparation for and after surgery, ( I recently had a total knee replacement ) and through minor physical setbacks, has been excellent and effective. Joe is always looking for those training exercises that will most assist me....and modifying on the spot as needed.

JOE's MOST IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTION (in my opinion): Joe created about a year ago and has been managing as no small feat The Gym Games, available to all gym personnel and gym members of all levels of abilities. Four times a year, (we are now competing in the Summer Games) all members can test their aerobic and cardiovascular strength against their prior measurements and against those of other Gym Games team members. Because of these games, we are part of a supportive BSC environment. These events are fun . I know many more gym members and trainers and feel part of a team/family. Joe works tirelessly to manage this effort and should be given much in the way of reward and recognition."

Lindsay T. (Physical therapist at Spaulding Hospital Cambridge)

"Joe is so knowledgeable on every aspect of exercise from cardio to lifting to nutrition. Joe customizes his treatment sessions to the client's level while still pushing the client to be the best they can be. Joe balances the right amount of push with the right amount of support to make training with him an ideal environment I look forward to being in every time we work together."

Nrupen Mehta
A friendly person,inspirational and motivating trainer.when I joined bsc a year ago i had issues with my rotator cuff and till date he still makes sure that even if it takes me few months more i am using right techniques,progressing in weights gradually,keep my diet and fluid intake checked and best for the weather.he deserves it.good luck Joe.

Susan Hardt (Primary Care Physician at Cambridge Health Alliance)

If you want to get in shape for life, train with Joe. Joe is an incredibly attentive trainer and focuses not only on your short term goals, but also makes sure to include exercises to ensure that your body remains in great shape for years. Training with Joe is fun and motivating. He always has new exercises and takes the time to personalize the workout based on your preferences. He takes time to get to know you and learns how to best motivate you. He is incredibly professional and always makes sure you get the most out of your workouts. Best trainer I've ever had!


  • Graphic Designer
    • Site Logos
    • Exercise Images
    • Anatomy Images

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