Teemu Leppänen

Research Scientist, D.Sc. (Tech.)

Center for Ubiquitous Computing,

University of Oulu,


Email: Firstname.Lastname@oulu.fi



I am research scientist at the Center for Ubiquitous Computing, University of Oulu, Finland. My research interests include Internet of Things edge computing, multi-agent systems and mobile agents, mobile computing and wireless sensor networks. I received Doctor of Science (Technology) degree from the University of Oulu in spring 2018. I was visiting research associate at the Sezaki Laboratory, Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo, Japan, in 2012-2013. I have published 30+ peer reviewed scientific articles in international forums and received three Best Paper awards in international conferences.

See my other research profiles in Google Scholar and ResearchGate.

My teaching activities include embedded systems programming and computer systems.

My GitHub repository contains design documentation and prototype implementations of my retro computer projects, such as wireless joysticks for Commodore computers and wireless keyboard for Amiga 500. My YouTube channel shows videos of the projects.