Dear Traveler,

              As many of you may know, this website used to be the host of Under Armor’s “Finding Undeniable” competition, which was an interscholastic internet competition to determine which High School’s sports program was the most UNDENIABLE. 

In the fall of 2012, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology entered the Finding Undeniable competition and was unjustly awarded second place – a great injustice to what is objectively America’s #1 high school.  However, TJ students and alumni refuse to be silenced and, as such, have obtained this domain and, with our new standing as the owners of, we would like to retroactively overturn the final ruling of the 2011-2012 Finding Undeniable Competition and proclaim THOMAS JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AS THE WINNER OF THE 2011-2012 FINDING UNDENIABLE COMPETITION!

Gooooooo Colonials!

PS: In addition, the New Finding Undeniable Committee would also like to retroactively overturn the final ruling of Fall 2013 Homecoming, where the Class of 2015 was unfairly robbed of a victory.  THE UNDENIABLE WINNER OF 2013 HOMECOMING IS NOW AWARDED TO THE CLASS OF 2015!