Data acquisition and control systems

Cenco’s latest generation engine test software system,, was developed to meet the specific requirements for commercial, overhaul, military and development testing applications. is designed to work with any type of engine including: large fan commercial engines; turboshaft; small fan engines and APUs. is the culmination of Cenco’s long experience in the test cell business. Cenco designed Cyres based on the feedback of test cell engineers and operators creating a system catered to the unique needs and demands of the jet engine test cell.


Features of the system are:

  • Real-Time Data Acquisition Features. provides a real-time data acquisition system with fast, accurate real-time calculations, standard day corrections, and limit checking.
  • Web based User Interface (WUI). Clear, comprehensive graphical data displays provide operators with a clear understanding of engine data. Web-based displays also allow engine data to be accessed and monitored by authorized personnel from remote locations over the Internet.
  • Comprehensive Reports. test reporting software offers great flexibility in generating, formatting, and printing reports. High-quality computer-generated reports can be configured to include any or all engine test data.
  • Troubleshooting Capabilities. includes plot analysis software. Plot analysis uses the system event log and CRS (continuous recording system) data to analyze engine test events.
  • Supports a Wide Variety of Hardware Devices. Both the transient and steady-state systems are based on modular open-architecture standards. This ensures that new equipment will be supported well into the future. As new needs arise, new acquisition devices and modules can be easily added to the system.
  • Easy Engine-Specific Software Creation. Cenco’s TestBuilder software makes it easy for the customer to develop new engine-specific software. In fact, our software allows the customer to modify screens in real-time during an engine test.
  • A System Proven World-Wide. We have over 75 aero engine test cell DACSs operating successfully around the world.

Technology Highlights:

  • Java. Multi-platform support. Web client can run on Windows, Linux, HPUX, MacOS, etc, as long as Java is installed.
  • Web Service. Web client sends command to back-end server via Java/.NET interoperable web service, developed in C++ and hand tuned to ensure highest performance.
  • Real Time Streaming Data. Real time data, message, events are multi-casted to web client through real time streaming data channel via HTTP/HTTPS.
  • SVG. All customized displays are stored in standard SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format, which can be created/modified using test builder or Adobe Illustrator. Vector graphics ensures display can be resized at any degree without sacrificing quality.
  • Advanced Report Charting. Using modified version of JFreeChart to display professional quality charts for reporting, including real time charting (data updating at 10 HZ rate).