Frederic (Fred) Soule is the owner/principal of TJG FINANCIAL.  Fred is a fee only Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). 

He gathers data from you (the client) and prepares a comprehensive financial plan to help you meet your specific goals. 

Goals usually relate to retirement, large purchases, long-term savings, college, estates, investments and/or insurance

Fred Soule serves as the coordinator of the planning process and usually makes suggestions as to insurance, retirement, investments, taxes, and estate planning. Some of the data he reviews is annual cash flow (income and expenses), balance sheet (assets and liabilities), current bank and investment accounts, retirement plans, tax situation and estate plans

Based on this review he devises a comprehensive plan that the client and he discuss and modify as needed. He facilitates the execution of the plan.  He then reviews and monitors the plan and prepares a semi-annual (or annual) report.  If the client’s circumstances change, the plan can be adjusted at any time. 

He does not sell any products and does not receive any commissions or referral fees. His compensation is an hourly fee or an agreed upon project fee. This allows his recommendations to be free of any external influence. 

 All information is private and is never revealed to anyone without the your permission.  

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