Helpful Information:
Cheerleaders make a commitment when they choose to sign up at registration. This pledge is the key to a fun and positive team experience. As an organization, we build a sense of pride and commitment on an individual basis as well as the value of teamwork within the cheerleaders. As parents, it is important that we encourage this dedication by adhering to the standards set forth for all cheerleaders. Please read the Standards and Bylaws Documents for all rules and regulations pertaining to this cheer season.

In the event of inclement weather, including rain, snow, excessive heat, please contact your coach. Coaches are advised to make the decision on the cheerleaders' performances based on the healthiest, safest interest for the entire squad. Any concerns please to contact us.

Attendance and Dress:
Please remember to arrive at the time given by your coach, usually 20 -30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the game.