My research is primarily in economic history, particularly focused on World War II, regional development, and the growth and regulation of new markets. My work draws on tools from industrial organization and experimental economics. My curriculum vitae includes links to PDFs. Below is list of recently published papers and work in progress:

“Bubbles, Crashes and Endogenous Uncertainty in Linked Asset and Product Markets,” with Erik O. Kimbrough, International Economic Review, forthcoming.

“Ownership, Technology, and the Provision of Residential Electricity,” with Carl Kitchens.

“World War II and the Industrialization of the American South.”

“Shakeout in the Early Aircraft Industry,” with Andrew Smyth.

“State Policies for Industrial Recruitment,” with Carl Kitchens.

“National Policies for Regional Development: the Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965,” with Carl Kitchens.

I teach courses in economic history at the undergraduate level and empirical industrial organization for PhD students. You can find links to the syllabi for these courses below:

Econ 430 : Issues in Economic History [syllabus]
this course applies the theoretical and empirical tools of economists to understand key events and institutions in the economic history of New World countries, particularly focused on the United States

Econ 955 : Advanced Topics in Empirical Methods [syllabus]
this courses introduces students to research methods and topics in empirical industrial organization, including productivity and production function estimation, market power and differentiated products, entry and strategic deterrence, and vertical integration

Economic History @ Queen's
I also co-organize the department's economic history workshop with Frank Lewis and Ian Keay. Here's the list of visitors for the 2014-2015 academic year:

• James Fenske (Oxford), Sep. 25
• Shawn Kantor (RPI), Oct. 9
• Marianne Wanamaker (UT-Knoxville), Dec. 8
• Dan Fetter (Wellesley), Mar. 5
• Carolyn Moehling (Rutgers), Mar. 26
• Leslie Tomory (McGill), Apr. 16
Bill Collins (Vanderbilt), Aug. 10-14