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about me

I am an assistant professor in the Economics Department at Queen's University, in Canada.

My interests are in economic history, industrial organization, and experimental economics. Here's a link to my curriculum vitae.

Within economic history, I focus on World War II and the role of national and state government policies in regional developmentI also use lab experiments to examine institutions that allow individuals to exploit gains from exchange and incorporate information into market prices.

contact information

mailing address:
Queen's Univ., Economics Dept. 
94 University Ave., Dunning 209
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6


office: +1 613 533 2249


ECON 430
Issues in Economic History 
[Fall 2014, Undergraduate]

ECON 952: 
Advanced Topics in Empirical Methods
[Winter 2015, PhD]
Taylor Jaworski


"'You're in the Army Now': The Impact of World War II on Women's Education, Work, and Family," Journal of Economic History (March 2014): 169-195[pdf]

"Go West Young Man: Self-Selection and Endogenous Property Rights," with Bart J. WilsonSouthern Economic Journal (April 2013): 886-904. [pdf]

"The Ecological and Civil Mainsprings of Property: An Experimental Economic History of Whalers' Rules of Capture," with Bart J. Wilson, Karl Schurter, and Andrew Smyth, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization (October 2012): 617-656. [pdf] [video] [Williamson prize]

work in progress

"An Experimental Examination of Asset Pricing Under Market Uncertainty," with Erik O. Kimbrough, 2nd R&R at International Economic Review.

"Market Structure, Ownership, and the Provision of Residential Electricity: Evidence from the United States at Mid-Century," with Carl Kitchens.

"Mississippi’s Balance Agriculture with Industry Program," with Carl Kitchens.

"World War II and Regional Industrialization in the United States, 1930-1960."

book chapters, book reviews, and invited publications

"World War II," with Price V. Fishback, in Oxford Handbook of American Economic History, eds. Louis P. Cain, Price V. Fishback, and Paul Rhode, in progress.

"Health on the Home Front: Infant Deaths and Industrial Accidents During Mobilization for World War II," with Price V. Fishback, Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftgeschichteforthcoming (2014).

Review of Paul A.C. Koistinen’s State of War: The Political Economy of American Warfare, 1945-2011in Journal of Economic History (March 2013): 297-298. [pdf]

Review of Hugh Rockoff’s America’s Economic Way of War: War and the US Economy from the Spanish-American War to the Persian Gulf    War, in Journal of Economic History (December 2012): 1108-1109. [pdf]

"Discovering Economics in the Classroom with Experimental Economics and the Scottish Enlightenment," with Vernon L. Smith and Bart J. Wilson, International Review of Economics Education (2010): 10-33. [pdf]