Research Interest:

  • Light amplification in disordered amplifying structures, lasing in liquid crystal elastic materials and nanostructured thin film metamaterials, metamaterial perfect absorber.
  • Photonic crystals, band edge lasing, plasmonics and mesoscopic phenomena like Anderson localization.
  • Study of light interaction with microstructures using analysis tools like Transfer Matrix method, Finite Difference Time Domain (unsaturable gain) method, Monte Carlo simulation, and COMSOL, etc.
  • Near field studies of passive and active nanostructured materials using Near Field Scanning Optical Microscope.

News & Updates:

  • Our research article titled "Refractive index sensor based on gold-coated nanoporous anodic alumina membranes to discriminate alcohol mixtures," has been accepted in Pramana-Journal of Physics (2019) link
  • Got the Excellence in Oral Presentation award for presenting the work titled "Tunable metamaterial absorber based on liquid crystal elastomer" at Photonics 2018.
  • We have presented our work on Tunable metamaterial absorber based on liquid crystal elastomer (Oral presentation, Paper No. FD1-C1) and Nanoporous alumina as an optofluidic alcohol sensor (Paper No. FP132) at Photonics 2018.
  • I have presented my work titled "Low-threshold, stable lasing in gold-coated nanoporous anodic alumina membranes" and "Development of latent fingermarks on aluminum surfaces," in the OSI Symposium on Optics (OSI-ISO 2018)
  • Our research article on "Remote control of liquid crystal elastomer random laser" has been published in Applied Physics Letters. The article has also been chosen as a "Featured Article" and also appeared in the Scilight which highlights the most interesting research published in AIP journals (2018) link
  • Our research article on "Lasing in dye-infiltrated NAA membranes" has been published by Applied Physics B (2018) link
  • Our proceedings on "Coherent emission in optically transparent NAA films" and Remote control of LCE based random laser is available on the IEEE Xplore website (2017) link
  • Our research article on "Visualization of latent fingermarks on rough aluminum surfaces" has been published by the Journal of Forensic Science (2017) link
  • I got selected for the DST INSPIRE Faculty Award (July 2016) link

The list of my publications can also be found at Google Scholar, ORCID and Research Gate.