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Welcome to our Most Recent Episode which changes format

Episode Six - 09/02/2011 - "The Real Questions That Everyone Wants Answered"

Tivoli Stories Episode Six - 09/02/2011

This is PART 5 - December 20, 2010

We Present for you TIVOLI-STORIES* PART 5

The Truth They Tried To Twist - Tell The Truth To Tivoli

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So of course you already know that this is the Opening Salvo on the Tivioli Stories Episode Five - The Letter T; The Truth They Tried To Twist - Tell The Truth To Tivoli.

  • Burnin and Lootin - Kymani Marley w. Alborosie
  • They Call it Murder - Damien Marley
  • Small Axe - Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • Ambush in the night live in Nigeria - Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • Terrorists - Israel Vibration
  • Roman Soldiers of Babylon - Jaob Miller and Inner Circle
  • We Struggle - Bounty Killa w. Wayne Marshall, Mad Antz
  • Rampage - Buju Banton
  • Murda Dem a Play Remix - Bryan Art w. Queen Ifrika
  • Dub Wise - Dubmatix
  • Self Defense - Agent Sasco (Bad Reputation Riddim)
  • Bugle - Give Thanks
  • Vybz Kartell - Bad Reputation - first half
  • Erup - Beat Dem
  • Vybz Kartell - Bad Reputation - second half
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Jamaica is a hotbed of news activity - most surrounding the recent Wiki Leaks. suprisingly Desmond McKenzie the mayor of Kingston was hit between the eyes when he was named in the Dudus affair as a wall builder. Whew..

so many folks are getting hit upside the head in town, that it's beginning to seem like a collection point for the international headhunters. really reallly reallllly not good. specially if you've done something under the guise of government action. that's illegal incase they forgot - so that means we're gonna see a whole new class of criminals being collected.

wonder where they'll house em since they can't obviously put them in with the regular criminals. shiddd, they're wayyyy too dangerous and crafty for that. the rest of the ordinary criminals would immediately fall prey to these high level manipulators. that's all we need to add to the picture to make it bubble past curry.

Sight This :

WIKILEAKS: McKenzie tried to prevent Coke extradition 2010-12-22 09:54:08

Kingston Mayor Desmond McKenzie - file photo

The British-based Guardian newspaper has released a damning cable from the US Government obtained through Wikileaks which claims that the Mayor of Kingston Desmond McKenzie met with US Embassy officials to lobby against the extradition of alleged crime lord, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

The leaked cable dated September 2, 2009, said McKenzie started the meeting by pointedly stating that the Government of Jamaica faced a serious crisis because of Washington's request for the extradition of Christopher Coke to stand trial on narcotics and firearms charges in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

According to the cable, McKenzie warned about "severe repercussions" and "collateral damage" if Coke were to be extradited

My My My Myyyyy My... Desmond knew better and surely this cannot go unpunished. the mayor of the capital city colluding to prevent the capture of a known wanted man ? this is not what anyone would expect - but the reality is that he did it to keep his city from burning to the ground.

Desmond like all political powerbrokers knows who holds the cards, at any given moment. therefore he knew that Dwight Nelson would pour lighter fluid on him and set his city ablaze if he didn't do something. we think you're starting to get the picture more clearly now of how this all played out.

Unfortunantly Dwight Nelson seems to think that his hands are clean even though he is the most culpable in the entire situation. his actions were particularly dubious toward the Jamaican People and for that he should most certainly be measured, drawn and quartered - in the prison oval.

Be it for all to see, because this is the only way to stop this type of organized criminal government activity. The Prime Minister waited as long as he could to deliver his skim milk response to the entire scandal. if he had any real bamboo he'd take it and beat himself over the coconuts until he gets his cabinet in gear. This is the response to the WikiLeaks revelations from the office of Prime Minister Bruce Golding

Men Who Swear on Lil Bibles must think we don't realize that it was also another lying man who RE-Wrote and Shrunk the Truth Out of Their Lil Books

We would like to graciously Thank the Jamaican Political Artist Clovis for capturing the situation "just so". he puts emotion on paper much like we write it - with a dash of scotchbonnet.

This is the wrap up for 2010 of the Tivoli Stories. we will start a whole new episode series in 2011 and hopefully you'll subscribe to get it All. In our next episode Jamaicas' intrigue goes international; as the New York Conspiracy Trial begins for Christopher "Dudus" Coke.

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May 17, 2010 - Episode Four

Tivoli Stories Part Four – Can Yuh Say Passa Passa Agwan

It’s Tivoli Stories Part Four – Can Yuh Say Passa Passa Agwan

Yes it’s time for the Tivoli Story Again My Friends – this time with an extra scotch bonnet.
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  • Dubmatix – Killing Dub
  • Vybez Kartel – Mi Talk Wit Gunshot
  • Mavado and Vybez Kartel – How Gun Rise
  • Dub Syndicate – Jamaican Proverb
  • Dub Syndicate – Kingston 14 featuring Gregory Isaacs
  • Bounty Killer – Social Responsibility
  • Isiah Mentor – Rasta Government Dubplate

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Recent Relations between Kingston and Washington have deteriorated over the extradition request for Christopher Dudus Coke; with the US State Department accusing the Jamaican Government of delaying tactics. Oh Really Now ? so now yuh seh Jamaica a Soon Come Yuh Barack ? Eeeeeeehhhhh..a wha yuh sey TIVOLI Gardens, the tough West Kingston base of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, is under satellite surveillance by United States Government, who are determined to have Coke extradited to answer drug and gun-running charges in the US.

February 10, 2010 - Episode Three

Tivoli Stories Part 3 – Listen To The Heartbeat of Kingston

Tivoli Stories Part Three – Listen To The Heartbeat Of Jamaica

  • Dem Haffi Get a Beatin – Peter Tosh
  • Tired a Di Bangarang – Lester Sterling and Stranger Cole
  • The Road is Rough Dub Version – Joe Gibbs and the Professionals
  • Johnny Too Bad – Conrad Crystal
  • Two Sevens Clash – Culture
  • Gunman – Michael Prophet
  • Can’t Tek the Gun Gun – Junior Reid
  • Natural Reggae Beat – Black Uhuru
  • Sodome and Gomorra – Misty in Roots
  • Ghetto of the City – Misty in Roots
  • Youths of Eglington – Black Uhuru
  • Dem No Worry Me – Super Cat
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Welcome to the Heartbeat, the Heartbeat of Jamaica. can you hear it ? It’s the sound of Kingstons’ people and their struggle. The people are the warriors, the soldiers, the victims and the pawns in this ever changing live war game called Tivoli Stories.

Extra pressure is being exerted upon Jamaica now by the US Dept of Justice to extradite Christopher “Dudus” Coke to stand trial in the US. The extradition order and warrant have been sitting in the hands of Jamaica’s Prime Minister Bruce Golding since the fall of 2009.

Quite Recently Jamaica was faced with a political tug of war about finance issues with the United States of America. US President Barack Obama visited with Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding; apparently to reiterate the request for Dudus. Can you imagine such a thing ? a sitting US President coming to the point of asking Jamaica’s Prime Minister for a criminal ?

There is more to this picture than we can see on the surface. We ‘re putting on our diving suit to search the depths of this issue. Through the months since it was issued, this extradition order has caused lots of conversation all across the island. Most of it banking on the fact that like his father Jim Brown – Dudus will not be handed over to the beast.

Some of us may have forgotten that when Jim Brown was in the heat of his extradition fight against the US Department of Justice, his cell in the Tower Street Corrections Facility (shown at the top of this post) mysteriously went up in fire.
There are those who say there was no body recovered from the debris of the charred cell. Yet others believe this was a false scenario to sneak Jim Brown out of Jamaica and away from the hands of the CIA. That seems much more likely, as we start to examine the facts now.

January 25, 2010 - Episode Two

BOOM TIME ! – Tivoli Hot and We Deh Bout

Listen to Tivoli Stories Part Two

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  • Concrete Jungle – The Wailers
  • Shantytown 007 – Desmond Decker
  • Trenchtown Rock – The Wailers
  • Rudeboy Dreams – The Skatalites
  • Brace a Boy – Augustus Pablo
  • Tubbys’ Dub song – Augustus Pablo
  • Cassava Piece – Augustus Pablo
  • A Message to You Rudy – The Specials
  • Tenament Yard – Jacob Miller and Inner Circle
  • In the Ghetto – DJ Iron Belly w. Sugar Minot
  • Rasta Government – Isiah Mentor

This episode is all about the early rude boy days in Kingston 14 – Tivoli Gardens. this was the time when men ruled the recording studios with gun and tactics. early record producers like Duke Reid and Coxsone Dodd knew what it would take to “squeegee down” a hit. the process always involved “a strong control on the process“. records were cut, the artists were paid cash on the spot and the producers became the owners of these memorable tunes. many of the songs that were attributed to the top producers of the day, were in fact just done on the spot fi a money fi eat.

During our talks with reggae legend Mikey Dread he reminded us of his story of the barber saloon song. he was in the studio just scatting and warming up. the producer heard it, recorded it – all without Mikey knowing; and then played it back. Mikey said it was just a warm up. the producer said this is a hit, and so it became a major hit for Mikey Dread. this is the type of power the early producers had over reggae and it’s performers.

But on the opposite side of that line, were the men who made the legends; that the singers and producers made songs about – the Rude Boys. yes Jamaica has some legendary rude boys and many of them have gone on to become known as urban legends. Men like Ryegen; and the Man – Jim Brown.

Many say that Duke Reid with his Matic in his Waist; was one of the rudest men in the recording game. it’s been said that if a performer wasn’t giving his all in the recording studio, above the liquor store; Producer Duke Reid would buss a shot through the floor to liven up the session. this is how things run in the ghetto. somebody has to provide the impetus “to make di ting run so“.

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December 24, 2009 - Episode One

POD: Tivoli Stories – where it all began.. Jamaicas' First Civil War

Today We Start The Tivoli Stories – the reality of the Jamaican Civil War

First let us give you a little history lesson from Jamaica. this is the story that breaks the seal on the book. you see Tivoli is the heart of Jamaica for many reasons. most of them stem from the money links developed through the kingston stronghold and their community leaders – like the man Jim Brown.

Listen to Tivoli Stories Part One

Duration: 35:35

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  • Kingston 14 – Dub Syndicate feat. Gregory Isaacs
  • Trenchtown Rock – Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • We Tired a Di Gunplay – Anthony Red Rose
  • Peace – Chevelle Franklin
  • Kingston State of Mind / Mama ASID Remix – Cherrine Anderson (unreleased)
  • Ghetto Life – Jah Cure
  • Youth Are So Cold – Richie Spice
  • More Justice – Junior Gong Marley

What They Say about Jim Brown Now
it was a rough time in Jamaica – the first Jamaica civil war was raging within the island. most of the action seemed to center around the garrison communities of western Kingston. Tivoli Gardens was the first large scale government housing scheme built in Western Kingston. it was built in of all places Back o’Wall – a notorious dump and slum.

This is Tivoli Gardens 2009
The political triad of Edward Seaga, Portia Simpson and Omar Davies produced their own fortress with the building of Tivoli Gardens between 1962 – 1972. this move ensured that their political clout would be longstanding.

Tivoli Gardens Shootings 2008

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