Track Rules

. Can everyone please park in a neat orderly fashion enabling us to get more vehicles in to the car park area.

. All drivers must be current BRCA members.

. The track will be closed until 8:00am.  Drivers will be free to practice after this time until the drivers briefing.

. The track is ONE WAY all day regardless of whether racing or practicing.

. Cut off time for booking in will be 9.00am.

. Everybody must attend driver's briefings at the start of the day.

. Marshalling will be to an acceptable standard and all marshalls will be in position by the start of the next heat.

. Marshalls WILL NOT touch a car whilst wheels are turning.

. All marshall points are numbered and drivers marshall their relevant number.

. All drivers please use track etiquette whilst racing i.e. being passed, rejoining track after crash.

. Drivers must shout to warn other drivers that they have stopped on straight.

. Drivers WILL NOT shortcut the track after a crash or other incident.

. All drivers must change numbers for final and check changes.

. No transmitters to be turned on in the pits whilst racing is in progress and ABSOLUTELY no driving in the pit area.

. All Lipo batteries are to be charged in suitable Lipo bags. 

Please also see Driver Etiquette