(Dec/2012) Global Sourcing Fair, 12/5~7, Shanghai
(Nov/2012) attended the following shows :
      - Food Week, 11/6~9, COEX, Seoul
      - SISO ( International Stationery & Office Fair), 11/15~18, COEX
(Oct/2012) attended the following shows : 
      - Global Plaza by KOTRA, 10/5~6, COEX, Seoul 
      - Asian Pet Fair, 10/11~13, Shanghai 
(Sep/2012) added retail items (non-food) : cosmetics, outdoor stuffs, etc
(Aug/2012) attended the following shows : 
      - Asia Food Show , 08/16~20/2012, Hong Kong
      - Natural Product Expo Asia , 08/23~25/2012, Hong Kong
(Aug/2012) Added item : Retail item, Blue Berry Wine(100%) from Florida, USA
(Aug/2012) Added item : Retail item, Pet wear (www.cosmounit.com)
(July/2012) Invited by Seoul Trade Hub (Seoul City government)
(June/2012) Added item : Retail item, Coffee water (RTD, PET 340 ml) 
(June/2012) Added item : Corn Syrup (Made in Korea)
(May/2012) Added item : L+Calcium Lactate, L(+)- Lactic acid 88% 
(May/2012) Added item : Chia seeds, coffee powder, etc
(05/10~11/2012) Attended SIAL Food Show in Shanghai , China(05/10~12)
(05/08~09/2012) Attended SEOUL Food Show in Kintex, Korea(05/08~11)
(04/26/2012) Attended Coffee Expo in COEX, Korea(04/26-29)

(04/15/2012, / souring item ) (updated)