Installing Open Office 2.X

A step by step guide 


On your Windows computer, you can install Open Office from the file you download from the Open Office website [1], the Open CD [2], the Ubuntu Live CD [3], etc. For this tutorial, I am assuming you are installing Open Office from the Ubuntu Live CD. Let's get started.

1.-    Insert the Ubuntu Live CD-ROM

        The following dialog box opens


2.-    Select Install Now

        The following dialog box opens


3.-    Click on Install

        The Installation Wizard opens


4.-    Click Next

        The License Agreement appears


5.-    Read the License


6.-    Click Next

        Type your Name and Organization


7.-    Click Next


        If you want to pick and choose which features to install, choose Custom,


         and click Next to select the features


        Otherwise, select Complete to install all the OpenOffice's features


8.-    Click Next

        Select the File Types you want to open automatically with OpenOffice


10.- Click Next


11.-    Click Install

          The Installation begins


          When the files are installed,this prompt box appears.



12.-    Click Finish

          OpenOffice is officially installed on your computer and the 2.0

          applications appear on your Program menu.


          For help on the installation, post your comments on my personal blog at

          Software Development for Open Science