A Simple List of Music

World losers and world forsakers, on whom the pale moon gleams...

Dreams.mp3 - "Dreams" - Release Candidate 1 for a piano piece I wrote the weekend before Christmas 2007. Also the first piece I've written on my computer in quite a long time. Can you tell how I felt when I wrote it?

ak_safe_8.mp3 - "Work in Progress" - A piano piece that I started to write, for this reason or that reason. I'm having trouble doing any more work on it, because I've listened to it so many times as it is...

11.2.mp3  - "The Dark Ages [11.2]" - More thematic drafts for "The Dark Ages," with two very similar themes, one sort of different theme, and one rather different theme, still presented in 7/4.

8.1.mp3  - "The Dark Ages (Draft)" - Thematic drafts for a piece called "The Dark Ages" which I plan to write someday. The entire piece is in 7/4.

36.mp3 - "Slight (Draft)" - Background piece for Cold Red Banner.

11.1.mp3 - "Chord Test" - Playing around with pretty chords. It's pretty.

SNAKESong.mp3 - "Snakes on a Plane" - What I thought the theme to Snakes on a Plane should've sounded like.

chillax_opt.it - "Chillax. Or DANCE! :D-\-<" - One Hour Compo piece. SEGA era sounding, switches to wacky techno.

12.1.mp3 - Untitled - Just some light, fun, basic orchestral.

simply.mp3 - "Simply Unfinished" - A simple, unfinished, light orchestral piece.

Yeah, so I write music in my spare time... but you probably knew that before you came here. Have fun with the music, just not too much fun. I'll probably put some more up some other time, or finish the songs that are already up.