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Title I Lending Library Catalog

*The Title I Lending Library books and other materials have now been included
in with our school district's library.*
(Title I Lending Library catalogs are no longer available.)

Catalogs and Request Forms for the library were sent home with your child.
(They are also located here at the bottom of this page for you.)
We are happy to introduce our newest addition to the Title I department which is our LENDING LIBRARY. 
We have available for your child's use, award winning books, books on cassette, games, and parent-child read aloud materials ready for distribution.
Children will be issued materials sent home in a canvas bag for a one week time period. 
Children may choose two items per week. 
We hope to have active use of this new addition to our department!
If you send a request form to school with your child & don't receive anything back within 2 days, please ask your child if he/she remembered to give us the paper.
If it is an oversight on our part, please send us a note or another request form.  
Thank you!
*Check frequently for updates.  Updates will appear blue in the catalog.* 
Click on the attachment below to access the catalog.  Happy reading!
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Mar 26, 2014, 12:53 PM
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Apr 19, 2010, 8:31 AM