Titivillus Historical Art supplies provides an ever expanding range of pigments for making watercolours, gouache, tempera and oil paints for demonstration, re-enactment and experimentation. 

They are available by standard weights and useful volumes. this means that you can order as much or as little as you need. On display are the pigments that are safe for public use. 

MSDS sheets are available on request to satisfy HSE requirements.

Our new price list will be up on November 12th with a wider range on stock.
Swatches and Prices
Ordering below - for other quantities please email.

 Colour Name Type
  Sky Blue Basic
  Primary Blue  Basic
  Ultramarine Ultrafine
  Royal Purple  Basic
  Vermillion Red  Basic
  Crimson  Basic
  Red Ochre  Basic
  Terracotta  Fine
  Burnt Sienna  Fine
  Burnt Umber  Fine
  Raw umber  Fine
  Burnt Umber   Basic
  Raw Sienna  Fine
  Marigold Ochre  Fine
  Yellow Ochre  Fine
  Primary Kings Yellow  Basic
  Terra Verte Olive Fine
  Chrome Green Fine
  Purest Green  Basic
  Leaf Green  Basic

 Basic Black  Basic
  Oxide Black Fine
  Basic White  Basic
  Titanium White Fine

The colours as with all artists pigments are graded into price categories. these are grouped as :

these are standard non toxic colours and colour blends. They have been specifically chosen to eliminate the more hazardous pigments for demonstrations. They may contain fillers and varying pigment blends as we have written in our little black book.

Pure Earth and Manufactured pigments of a middle price range. These are the early traditional colours and for the most part can make up a pallet for 9-13th century iconography.

The most expensive in our line of pigments (although not that much more) consisting of a variety of pigments that add great depth to any medieval pallette.

Order Pigments
Type A - Basic

Type B - Fine

Type C - Ultrafine