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Description: Four sets of the NEW TiteTie 2.0 with the Photo Step-by-Step I
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Description: One set of the NEW TiteTie 2.0 with the Photo Step-by-Step I
nstruction Card.
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2 x TiteTie Sets
Description: Two sets of the NEW TiteTies 2.0 with the Photo Step-by-Step I
nstruction Card.
Price: $34.95 AUD  

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The TiteTie Tie Down Tool is a great new Aussie invention designed to work just like a "Truckers Knot" having the same mechanical advantages only WITHOUT all the knots. It works with the most common rope sizes as well as webbing, and its as easy to use as 1, 2, 3 - 1. Load it, 2. Loop it, 3. Lock it.

Its quick and easy to use, has no moving parts, and has a load capacity of 1900lbs (900kgs), making it one of the strongest tie downs on the market. The TiteTie is not only strong enough to hold your cargo, it will hold the trailer too!

Click here to open a printable version of the photo Step-by-Step Instruction Card.
Another great Australian innovation making work easier.
If you are an Australian inventor feel free to use this logo on your product's packaging to be sure the world knows Aussie inventions are the best inventions!

To get a free copy of this logo contact us here at TiteTie via the "Contact Page"