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This site is for the eclectic array of interests that is Titch the Clown, Ukuleles, Boats and whatever else takes my fancy

Lately I have been a maker of ukuleles usually given away or sold for charity. I send my ukes on a play it forward basis. I send a uke and when you receive it you give a donation to a charity. Donations have varied from $50 to $700. My current charity is St Vincent de Paul but feel free to donate to yours. Send me an email or give me a call is all you need to do. I can make any of the wood ukes you see here without too much hassle but I can only make cookie tin ukes from tins I have or can buy easily.

When I make a uke I almost always add a photo to this: Photo album of ukes

These Ukes are in my shed awaiting new owners.

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Below is a short set of examples of my work:

Also check out the instructables I have dished out over the years at My instructables

To order contact: Ian.titulaer@gmail.com

Mobile 0408691904 (+61408691904)

I have a few interests rangeing from the musical to the nautical

Find subpages on half sheet boats, a youtube channel on how to play the ukulele instructions on how to make your own ukulele (mine have been more or less free) and a one sheet folding pirate ship.

No ukuleles were harmed in the making of this web page