SwipeSwitcher Lite

* Version 0.2.1 (Nov 20th 2011 Release)
This application is quick task switcher application.


-Switch to previous application.
-Launch your favorite application.

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Release history 

Nov 20th 2010 v0.2.1 release
 - Bugfix (Task switch)
 - Bugfix (Launch shortcut)
 - Added (German translation)

Nov 6th 2010 v0.2 release
New feature
 - Ignore List (This application does not switch to the application ignored.)

Nov 3th 2010 v0.1.2 release
 - Bugfix

Oct 30th 2010 v0.1.1 release
 - Bugfix

Oct 27th 2011 v0.1 release
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