Auto WiFi Toggle

* Version 1.6.5 (Aug 8th 2012 Release)
This application will automatically turn on and turn off your phone WiFi.
This application aims to decrease your WiFi operation, and therefore save your battery.

** Please give me
feedback when don't work.
   The previous version attached to this page.


1. WiFi Auto On
 - This app periodically turns on WiFi. After a while, it checks whether a WiFi connection has been made. When you do not have a WiFi connection, the phone WiFi is turned off.

2. WiFi Auto Off
 - This app turns off WiFi when the phone WiFi service turned on but you are not connected to a known WiFi access point.
 - Check Policy ("When screen on" or "Always")

 * This application doesn't use GPS.
 * The following permission are necessary for "support Android 1.5".
   -read phone state and identity

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  * Application Settings
 No  Save Battery
 Utility  WiFi Auto On
 WiFi Auto Off

No1. Default settings. Best utility.
No2. "WiFi Auto On" => Disable

* WiFi Auto Off Settings
 No  Save Battery
 Stability  WiFi Auto Off
 WiFi Off Policy  WiFi Sleep Policy
 Enable When Screen On
When Screen Off
 Enable Always
 When Screen Off

No1. Default settings. Best stability. But, You need always run this application.
No2. Depending on the device, this application don't work. When you want to use 3G mainly.
 => don't work device : Xperia X10....
No3. Depending on the device, this application don't work. When you want to use WiFi mainly.

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Android Market

Download from Android market : Auto WiFi Toggle
This URL is only for Android browser.

QR code scanning, go to market.
Other market link.
Direct Download
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Screen shot

more screen shot. Screen shot page.


Please send feedback page. The reference for future development.
Feedback Page : feedback

Release history

Aug 8th 2012 v1.6.5 release
 - Compatible with Android 4.1
 - Bugfix (QHD Screen Layout)

Nov 13th 2011 v1.6.4 release
 - Bugfix (Modify Help page URL) 

Jun 5th 2011 v1.6.3 release
 - Bugfix (Auto start after update)

May 15th 2011 v1.6.2 release
 - Fix (English translation)
 - Added (Auto start after update)

Mar 6th 2011 v1.6.1 release
 - Added (Italian translation)
 - Compatible with android 2.3.3

Jan 29th 2010 v1.6 release
 - Added (WiFi Auto On:Detail work frequency setting)
 - Added (Whitelist APs)
 - Added (Recommended settings)
 - Bugfix (Screen Orientation)
 - Bugfix (Icon size)

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Nov 20, 2010, 7:44 AM
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Nov 12, 2011, 6:21 PM
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Aug 7, 2012, 7:56 AM