Life and Experiences in Beijing... sort of...

 by yours truly, Grace / Akane / the silly chipmunk / the little white kitten / whoever i am to you... :D


*Pictures under the Monthly links are mostly pictures with people in them.  Scenery/Pictures of Nature are in the Scenery Link

February - Start of a new term

March - New Faces, New Experiences(?)

April - Journeying around... a little.... :D 

May - More to come.... 

June - Making the most of limited time...

July - The last but not to be the end.... 

Scenery... that's beautiful for me... 

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Me and Janelle

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 So you got here...  Welcome!!!!


Well, take your time.... :)  Just navigate to the other pages through the links at the left column.  I cannot say that you should enjoy... But still, in  a way, i do miss blogging..... and this is my substitute for now. :)  Do i still make sense? :) Ha, what the heck! :) 


I am just glad that i was just looking through google's services and found this. :)  As i said, i hope it works well. :)   


Do send me an email if you have anything in mind that you want to tell me.... :)  People nowadays are so BUSY or are just plain LAZY in keeping in touch (hmm.... sounds like..... ME!) :D Haha :)   


This page is made to display pictures that i have taken and that i wish to share with you guys! :)  

This only contains pictures taken this term.  :)  Sorry about that. :) hehe :)  All my other pictures are already burned into a CD that i left back home.

My Blogspot page cannot be loaded here in Beijing, so what can i do?  And at times, i tire in uploading picture after picture, after picture...

So, i am trying this out. :)  Hope it works fine in the long run. :)  It's a little simple, but it seems okay. :)