STORY is an original technique developed to establish clarity of life and self perspectives. It is used as the basis for a variety of workshops with different focuses and goals. Below are the descriptions of each unique workshop. 

STORY: The Original Workshop 
Seeing our lives as a whole, (as if it were a movie we saw or a book we read) to understand the message it holds.

Moving STORY: Your Body, Space & Time  
Facing a current challenge and using movement to see/feel it more clearly so that its resolution may be found.

Honoring STORY: From Great Pain to Great Joy
Taking a challenge from the past and recognizing the power it holds for joy.

Purposeful STORY: Finding Your Mission
Defining what's important and what our life's work/purpose is.

Present STORY: Living Fully NOW
Identifying the criteria of success we hold in our day to day lives and how to live in the moment.

Presenting STORY: Sharing Our Growth
Taking a challenge and turning it into a work of art which we present to the world.