Tire Expert Providing Nationwide Forensic Investigations

Tire Consultants Incorporated provides forensic investigations of tire and wheel related failures of all types including:

  • Road hazards, hydroplaning                      Tread peels, blowouts, bursts
  • Tire/wheel/vehicle mismatching                 Retread failures, tire breakup
  • Tire fires, mounting explosions                  Multi-piece wheel accidents
  • Faulty repairs, patches, plugs                    Inner tube failures, vandalism
  • Manufacturing Defects                               Overloading / Under inflation
  • Tire aging, Tread pattern matching            Maintenance Issues, Fatigue


Tire Consultants Incorporated has been providing nationwide forensic investigations since 1992.   The company was featured on major media networks including NBC, ABC, and CBS.  Expert interviews by the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and New York Times and also the Los Angeles Times.

Clients benefit from expert analysis of tire and wheel failures, special testing, forensic reports and expert testimony. Nationwide service to law enforcement agencies, litigation firms, and insurance companies. Thousands of tire and wheel failures investigated worldwide.

Tire failures of all types and sizes spanning scooter tires all the way to giant earth mover tires. Solid rubber tires, foam filled tires, liquid filled tires, air or nitrogen filled tires. Racing tires, agriculture tires, off road tires, motorcycle tires, loader tires, highway tires, SUV tires, almost anything that rolls!

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