Google Mail - Create New Gmail Account

Gmail is Google’s free email service that enables users to send and receive e-mail over the Internet.
You can access Gmail at If you already have a Gmail account, please login to gmail to use, or gmail sign up if you haven’t.

Now, let’s guide you through on how to create new gmail account, follow the steps below to sign up gmail.


Step 1: In your Web browser (Ex: IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc), please type: or on your address Bar.

Step 2: Your browser automatically redirects to gmail sign in page, click “More options” then click”Create account” button.

Step 3: Your browser automatically redirects to gmail sign up page. You must fill out the sign up page.

This is where you’ll decide what your email address will be, and entering personal and security information as: NameUsername (email address), PasswordBirthdateGenderMobile PhoneCurrent email address (if necessary), Country/Location.

After completing the information, you will either proceed to the next step. Click “Next Step“.

Step 4: After click “Next step“, you will see a notice of the terms of service and privacy policy. You don’t have to read terms of service and privacy policy, but you do have to agree to them.

Step 5: Final, Click “I AGREE” at the bottom of the page to complete the process.