Fishing Lake Palestine

Located on Texas’ Neches River, Lake Palestine was founded in 1962 and is about 15 miles south of the city of Tyler. The lake has a depth of 58 feet with a pool level of 345. Its waters span across approximately 25,560 acres.

Lake fishing reports in the area state that the most popular fish found in Lake Palestine is the largemouth bass. This can also be confirmed by the many fishing tournaments that are held on this lake. Here you can reel in some amazing crappie using live minnows or by using jigs in the deeper waters. Since conditions on this lake change from day to day, you may want to be sure to catch the latest fishing report before planning a trip to Lake Palestine.

Lake Palestine has also been known to produce many beautiful catfish as well. Bring with you some smelly cut bait and watch the action go down. It is possible to find yourself a trophy sized catfish here.

Lake Palestine’s reputation for fish is as follows; rated good are the white, striped and largemouth bass as well as bluegill and crappie. Channel and blue catfish are rated as excellent.

Hydrilla is primarily the main vegetation on the lake. You will find that the fish here are much more active in the months with cooler weather like the spring, fall and winter. The daylight hours are when you will find that the fish are significantly more prevalent. From early morning and late into the afternoon you will have good luck fishing in the shallower waters. Most anglers on this lake will usually stick to crank and spinner baits but some plastic watermelon worms have been known to work rather well in the grasses during the warmer months. Essentially, any kind of fishing baits that float will work rather well in Lake Palestine. Try prop baits, poppers, stick baits or flukes and you can’t go wrong.

In the same spirit as many of the lakes found in Texas, lodging is very easy and affordable to obtain. Be sure to research different campgrounds and marinas for their availability and make your reservations far in advance. Some cabins will come complete with everything you may need and some may be rather bare and rustic to you will want to be sure you are aware of everything that each establishment offers. The fishing guides in the area are not only knowledgeable but licensed and they can easily put you smack in the middle of the fish, too. So grab your calendar and book your trip now.