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In the search to find out how to eat healthy to lose weight, one of the top solutions is the South Beach Diet.  When starving yourself doesn't work, when eating only a few types of foods for weeks on end doesn't work, many dieters simply give up and go back to poor eating habits.

Now you can find out how to get on a healthy diet plan to lose weight, and not only keep the weight off but improve your eating habits so that you feel healthier, have more energy, and get a new weight loss plan that keeps the weight off!

Begin to track your healthy diet changes, get a free Diet Profile to help get started with a new you that will last for a lifetime. 

The best part of the South Beach Diet™ is the food! Sit down to five-star dishes like seared flank steak, rosemary grilled chicken, and spicy seared tuna – and lose weight at the same time!

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Do you suffer from carb cravings, hunger, and extra pounds? Get ready to start eating in a way that will actually change how your body produces fat – while still eating delicious everyday foods...

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You're just clicks away from starting to lose your unwanted weight. When you join the South Beach Diet™ Online, you'll get a highly personalized, delicious diet designed just for you...

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"...sound nutritional advice....Agatston encourages a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, plus nuts and healthy oils..."

– Newsweek
Doctor-designed weight-loss...

"It started out simply enough. Arthur Agatston, MD, a cardiologist, decided to develop an eating plan that would improve the cholesterol and insulin levels of his patients with heart disease. Now, the South Beach Diet has grown into something much bigger. That's because the plan Agatston created not only improves cholesterol and insulin levels, but it also has helped many people lose weight."

– MSN Health
Good fats and good carbs!

"Unlike the Atkins diet, Agatston's plan steers dieters away from saturated fat found in butter and fatty meats like hamburger and bacon and encourages the consumption of monounsaturated fats like olive oil and omega-3 fatty acids found in fish."

– USA Today

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