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Repairing grub2

To repair all kind of boot problems a tool called Boot-Repair can be used for it to solve any kind of problems on a Ubuntu system using Grub2. Problems which can be solved by using Boot-Repair are:
- problems caused by other Linus distro's
- problems caused by Windows in a dual-boot configuration

If the bootsector (MBR) has been destroyed in a dual-boot configuration, the bootsector can also be repaired when a backup is made of the MBR by using a tool called Clean-Ubiquity.

How to install

Boot-Repair can be installed by the following command's entered in a terminal:
- to add the repository:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair

- to update the system and install the program:
sudo apt-get update

- to install the program:

sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair

After installation, the program can be found here: System > Administration > Boot-Repair.

When reinstalling the Grub2 bootloader using Boot-repair, in the advanced options it can be chosen which operating system has to boot by default
. In the advanced options can also be chosen on which disc or which partition the bootloader has to be installed.

When repairing the Grub2 bootloader of a 64-bit system, do this by using a 64-bits live-cd. For a 32-bit system, use the 32-bits live-cd.