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K3B and normalize-audio

Normally, K3B cannot find the tool normalize-audio when this tool is installed under Ubuntu. The possible cause of this is that K3B dislikes the fact that the version-number of normalize-audio is placed in the first lines. A solution that can work is to move the line containing the version-number further down the script.

The following steps needs to be executed to let K3B find the normalize-audio tool:
  • Open a terminal
  • Type the following command: sudo mv /usr/bin/normalize-audio /usr/bin/normalize
  • Then type the following command: sudo gedit /usr/bin/normalize-audio
  • Gedit will open a blank file. Copy the following lines and paste it in the empty file:
    case "$1" in

             normalize --version | sed -e 's/normalize 0.7.7/normalize-audio/g'
                    echo "normalize-audio 0.7.7"
                    normalize $*

  • Save and close the file
  • Then type the following command: sudo chmod 755 /usr/bin/normalize-audio
Now restart K3B and check under Settings > Configure K3B > Programs if K3B has detected the normalize-audio tool. Under de line normalize-audio the file path must be visible: