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Moonlight is an open source replacement for Microsoft Silverlight for Unix/Linux systems. With Moonlight it is possible to access videos, applications and contents on websites which are created for Silverlight.The application Moonlight is an open-source project.

Before installing the Moonlight application other sort alike plugins must be removed. This must be done in Synaptic. Go to System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager. Click on the S
earch button and enter moonlight. Check if the following packages are not installed:
- moonlight-plugin-mozilla
- moonlight-plugin-core
- libmoon

If these packages are installed, remove then so that they will not conflict with the Moonlight add-on.

Moonlight can be installed from this site. A warning will appear below the navigation bar in Firefox asking if it is permitted to continue the installation of Moonlight, press on Allow. When the installation is finished, Firefox must then be restarted.

For more information about Moonlight, read the FAQ.