Firefox dictionary

On websites with an input field, think of forums, the spell check will be automatically done by Firefox. If the user typing a word which is not recognized by Firefox, a red wavy line appears under that word. If the word is correct, the user can add the word in de Firefox dictionary by right clicking that word and select Add to Dictionary. The word is then added to the standard Firefox Dictionary. The next timke that same word is typed again, Firefox will recognize it.

The dictionary itself is a file which is stored locally in the user Home folder. To locate the file, do the following:
- start Nautilus
- press Ctrl+H to unhide all the hidden files and folders.
- then go to the folder .Mozilla (this folders starts with a dot)
- then go to the folder firefox
- then open the folder which ends with .default (this is the user folder)

In this folder there a file called: persdict.dat, this file is the dictionary file of firefox. It can be opened by any text-editor such as Gedit or even OpenOffice or Libreoffice. This file can be modified by removing or adding words.