Executable files

Below is a guide on how to install executable files under Ubuntu. Executable files can be recognized by the extension .bin and .run. Before the installation procedure can be started, the user rights of such file needs to be changed.
Changing the user rights:
To run an executable file the user rigths of those files must be set correct. This can be done by doing the following:
  • Open a terminal
  • Browse to the folder where the executable file is stored
  • Type the following command:
    for any . bin file: sudo chmod +x filename.bin
    for any .run file: sudo chmod +x filename.run
  • When asked for, type the required password and press Enter
Now the file can be executed by the current user with root privileges.

Installing an executable file
Now the file can be run in the terminal by typing the following command in the terminal:
  • For any .bin file: ./filename.bin
  • For any .run file: ./filename.run

If the installation procedure doesn't start, try to execute the file by adding sudo before the command. To complete the installation procedure, the given instructions needs to be followed. Once the installation procedure is finished, the terminal can be closed.