Hidden extras in Firefox.

Funny joke in Firefox.
Are there only programmers working at Mozilla? No, they have also employed poets!
Transform a piece of Mozilla poetry on the screen:
- Start Firefox
- Tap on the navigation bar: about:mozilla
Happy reading!

Robots that send a message??
It should not get any crazier, see it for yourself:
- Start Firefox
- Tap on the navigation bar: about:robots
Where are the Men In Black when you need them the most??

Hidden extras in Linux.

Nice extra in GNOME
Everyone knows the applet fish, also known as Wanda the fish. Under GNOME it can be even funnier with this fish!
Let Wanda swim freely on your screen! You can do it this way:
- Press Alt + F2
- Type: free the fish
- Click Ok
Want to stop it? This can be done on two ways:
- With the command: killall gnome-panel
- Log off and log back
Have fun!

Another easteregg in GNOME
Let Wanda swim on your desktop was nice practical joke, but why not play Space Invaders with....Wanda!
- Press Alt + F2
- Type: gegls from outer space
- Click Ok
Have fun playing Space Invaders!

Ubuntu release???
See more release names for Ubuntu!
- Open a terminal
- Type in: zgrep "The.*Release" /usr/share/doc/dpkg/changelog.Debian.gz
- Press on Enter
Now take a look on the unofficial Ubuntu release names!

Log in to Ubuntu
Logging in with another user? In the login screen, tap into the user-name field: Require Quarter and press Enter.
See what happened when the next user logs ...

Telepathy under Ubuntu
Test it yourself!
- Open a terminal
- Type: espdiff
Now will be tried to detect your brain activity. Yeah, right.....

Ever looking up something using the command apt-cache?
Try this one also:
- Open a terminal
- Type in: apt-cache search Easter
And now wait and see what's there to be found.....