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Jane and I do things a little different when raising our children there is no one way and no right way. I can say that I have taught all 5 of my girls the same values and the same rights from wrongs. At a certain age they have to make the decision what they want to do with it. I will continue to try to guide them in the right dir ection but at a certain age you can only just guide them.

These tips are ones that Jane and I have used, and am still using; I will not say whos' are who's but there are 2 different opinions and that is always a good thing:

Set & Enforce A Curfew:

  • Also limit how often they stay with friends rather than sleep at home.
  • My girls loved to sleep at there friends houses and I would let them, some of the time there friends would sleep here. This was and is a good way to meet there friends. Teenagers like to keep things secret , sometimes this is a good way to meet who they are hanging out with.

Open Door Policy:

  • I have an open door policy in my room. If you need something and the door is open come on in, you do not have to talk or say anything you can just sit or lay down. There are many a nights that you can find me and my girls just laying around on my kingsize bed watching t.v. or just chatting. Sometimes even Dad is there because we all like scary movies. Many an issue has been resolved this way.

Stay up until they get home:

  • They may think twice about drinking, knowing you are waiting up at home.
  • Make sure they can call you. This way if they get into a situation they are not sure how to get out of they can say that my  Mom is making me come home now. No teenager wants to look like a loser, this way they can blame it on you if they get backed into a corner about drugs or drinking.

Make them call home to check in:

  • Teens knowing that they have to check in and talk to you, makes them less likely to drink.

Set consequences:

  • Lovingly hold your teen accountable when he or she breaks the rules. They still need boundaries.

Help them understand:

  • Explain to your teens, how each decision they make will effect their future. Such as teen pregnancy, drinking and drugs, they will ruin their dreams for the future.
  • I found that if you start a relaxed conversation over dinner they don't even relize they are being taught something.
  • I would start a conversation about a show that was on about teen pregnancy and that would lead to condom use and what they thought of teen pregnancy. Keeping the lines of communication open is most important.
  • If you want more interesting ways to bring up topics with girls write me in my blog just clik the link Suzanne's Blog.

Monitor thier emotional health:

  • Take action if you notice a change in mood, friends, school grades, interest and activities.
  • Don't be alarmed if you do not notice a change some times it is hard. Remind them they can always come to you or a friend if they need help or are in trouble, they can even tell thier sisters.


  • Once your teen starts driving, limit them to the amonut of passangers they have in their car. I allow only one passanger at a time, and they need to have the car home at 9:00, unless they are at work.
  • I have learned one thing, just make sure your child is a good driver. My daughter had her accident well before 9:00 she just was not as cautious as I would of liked. Shame on me for giving in to teen pressure and letting her drive.


  • I have had all my teenages working at 16, its the best thing for them. It keeps them out of trouble, and teaches them responsibility, and how to deal with money.
  • As long as work does not interfer with school work, I have no problem with it. The only rule I have, was save half of your money in the bank, if they did not do this, and they just spent it all, then I stopped buying them things and they had to purchase thier own things.


Teenagers, not the easiest age to deal with.

They all of a sudden become these people you don't even know.

The best I can say, is that if you have taught them well up to this point, you can only hope and pray a little, that they will make the right decisions once they walk out that door.

You really just need to keep them involed in something, as you keep involved in them.

But if you stay on top of things, you will also breeze throught this stage of life.