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My daughter Courtney, in Florida just called to remind me that she used to put a piece of American cheese on Trudy's face and hold her down until the dog, Trixie, came over and licked it off her face. It was gross but the dog never bit her, but he did lick up her whole face.


I was in the backyard with my husband Mike and my youngest son Nick, who was 4 years old at the time, I had said to my husband, “I just love lilac bushes” we had 4 bushes at the time. My son turned around and said to me “Mom, why do you love Eye Lash Bushes”. I just had to laugh at that, and then told him that they were Lilac Bushes, not Eye Lash Bushes. Jane 


Here is one of my favorite stories. It is about daughter number 4, Kelsey. She was around 2 years old and as you already know she had a hard time saying things. So she came limping out of the bathroom with a sanitary napkin stuck to her leg and she drags her leg into the living room and says boo-boo. The pad was almost as long as her leg it looked like she had a cast on. 


When my boys were little, we had bunk beds for them. They would always bang their heads on the bed when getting into the bottom buck. I would tell them "Oh, its  OK, the wood is pine, its soft, you will be ok." So one night I was bending over to kiss my son good-night, and banged by head, it hurt. My son turned around and said, "Mom the wood is soft you'll be fine." 


My daughters and I like to play pranks on each other every now and then and it was Aprils fools day.My 3rd daughter Hayley is afraid of sitting on the toilet with the shower curtain closed, so every time she sits down she pulls the curtain open.We all now how many killers hang out in the bathtub.Any way my daughter hid in the tub and pulled the curtain back just a little on each side so that she wouldn't have to. When she sat down to do her business and the pants got down to the ankles Trudy jumped out of the tub and scared the crap out of her (no pun intended). She screamed and laughed so hard and poor Trudy had to run for her life. I know it sounds a little mean but it was pretty funny 


 My son is deathly afraid of bees, because he always gets stung. Put 10 people together, and he will be the one to get stung, never fails. He was next door at the neighbors, and came running home to tell me about the big bee that was like half bee and half butterfly. Well it wasn’t a bee it was a hummingbird.


One day I was in Pathmark with my daughter Samantha she was around 3 years old and we were by the milk section and she goes over to this women and starts to tap on the womens behind saying, Betty, Betty. Samantha thought because this womens butt was the same size as Betty's that it was her. A little embarrasing.


When my daughter was little, she had gotten fish from my sister. I absolutely hated having fish, only because they would die so quickly. I did not want my daughter to have to deal with the heartache of the fish dieing. I told her that if her room were dirty, the fish would die. I don’t really remember doing this, but she said I did. Well anyway, she is now 20 years old, and away at college. Her boyfriend wanted to get some fish for his dorm room, she told him, that they would die if he did not keep his dome room clean, because that is what her mother told her. Of course he thought she was nuts.


Courtney and I went to the video store when she was about  2-3 years old and we were looking for a movie she went running over to this man and stuck her hand in his pocket and said Daddy. The guy look scared to death for a second, all she saw was his denim jean pocket which is what she used to hang on to when we went walking through the stores. That was when we relised that she was only butt high. LOL

Continuing with the fish. I found my younger daughter,who at the time was 3 years old, with the fish wrapped in a towel rocking it and petting it. I told her that fish needed to stay in the water. The fish did survive this. I hate having fish. Now 15 years later she has a fish that she just loves, and I am so afraid of the day that he bites the big one.


I was just remembering a story that my oldest daughter Courtney reminded me of. Kelsey, who was 1 1/2 at the time and the family were in church and I was about 7-8 months pregnant with baby number 5 and the other 3 girls where with me. Now hubby wasn't there becasue he was working and Kelsey thought it was now time for her to start dancing and shaking her butt all around behind the priest. I was never so embarrassed so I finally got up and left with all the kids and as I was leaving Father Mcbrian said don't leave this is a family mass. I left anyway.


When we lived on LI, my husband use to take the kids bike riding to the beach. My daughter who was 4 at the time, sometimes had to ride in the carrier seat on her fathers bike. She thought she was too old for that, so she wanted people to think she was younger then she was, so she would curl her fingers up, thinking this would make her look smaller. 


The family went on their 1st vacation to Florida, we stopped at a restaurant, Kelsey 3 at the time, needed to go to the little girls room. As I was waiting for her all I could hear was all these gruting and pushing sounds coming from her. Then a plop, and Kelsey saying, "WOW that was a big one."