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There are some things I can still remember.

  • For those crooked feet; To help straighten them exersice them, rotate at the ankles at every diaper change.
  • Every baby drinks formular at there own pace and needs to be burped at there own times, there is no set rule of thumb. Just because the first baby or your friends baby can drink 4 ounces of formular without a burp inbetween does not mean that your little bundle of joy can do the same maybe your child can only tolerate 2 ounces at a time. Who cares as long as they are happy.
  • Baby has a cold, and is congested. Give baby a bottle with water, after a few ounces, burp baby. Baby will spit up water along with phlem, and feel better. Sucking on the bottle brings the phlem down out of  the the nasal passages. This trick always worked on my babies.
  • Baby running a fever. Place baby in tempered bath, or wrap baby in wet towel. This will help bring down the fever quicker.
  • Bath Time. If giving baby a bath in the kitchen sink, place a hand towel or wash cloth in bottom of sink. Babies get very slippery.
  • Bath Time in the tub. When baby is already sitting up, place a laundry basket in the tub, then place baby in basket.
  • When I bathed the girls in the tub I bought a hugh sponge that was skid proof ( I think they sell one now) to lay the little one on, this freed up one hand to help do the washing. She was not so slippery any more.
  • Baby Warm Up. Toss baby lotion bottle into the bath with baby, this way the lotion will be warm when you apply it to your baby after the bath.
  • Sleep time. Baby having a hard time sleeping. Lay on the floor with a flash light pointed at the ceiling, move light around the ceiling, baby will follow light with eyes, and will fall asleep.
  • When visiting family/friends with baby, place your car keys in the refrigerator with babies food. This way you will not forget the babies food.
  • When running out of the store with the little one in the car carrier, don't place her on the hood put her in front of the drivers window so this way when you are done filling the car with those groceries and cooling the car  down from the heat, when you  hop in the car to go there will be your reminder just in case you forgot.  
  • If you have a dog prior to having a baby. After the baby is born, bring something home from the hospital prior to baby coming home, so that the dog knows the babies scent. Dogs get very jealous.
  • This same thing goes for cats, when you bring the baby home sit with the baby and cat together so you can watch the cat inspect the baby. Cats get bored pretty easily and then you don't have to worry any more.
  • Once baby is moving about the house. If you have stairs going down from a door, place bells on door, so that you know the door is always shut when you come or go through it.
  • When changing diapers on your son, place diaper over him, otherwise you may get squirted, I know I have, more then once.
  • Place a pillow case over changing table pad, once you are done doing changes for the day, just slip off and wash.
  • Baby Formula Stains:

    • DO NOT use bleach, it will set the stain.
    • For whites, use lemon juice, set in the sun for 1/2 hour, wash as usual.
    • Colored clothes, rinse in cold water, sprinkle with unseasoned meat tenderizer, let sit for one hour, wash as usual.




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