Rajbana Vihara

The Most Venerable Banabhante came to the Rajbana Vihara of Rangamati from langadu (Tintila) on the full moon day of Baishakh in 1977 and stayed there permanently. When Banabhante agreed to stay at Rangamati Rajbana Vihara in 1974, many laymen and women came forward to build a Vihara for his and his disciples’ stay.

    A temporary committee was formed in 1974 to maintain the construction work of the Vihara where Dr. Himangshu Bimal Dewan was elected the president and Mr. Tusthamoni Chakma was elected the general secretary of the committee. This committee was active from 1974 until June 1975.

Rajbana Vihara Main Praying Hall

    The Rajbana Vihara had been established to the current stage after many years of successive developments since 1974. All developmental works had been conducted by utilizing the donations of laypeople. In parallel, many government organizations and military authorities donated for the development of the Rajbana Vihara. In addition, the contributions and enormous efforts of the members of the Rajbana Vihara Upāsaka-Upāsikā Parishad were memorable. The main donators for the Vihara's developments are Chakma, Barua and Marma communities.

Venerable Banabhante's Sadhana Kutir and Rest House

    The sacred visiting places at the Rajbana
Vihara are as follows:
A lay people's praying Vihāra built in the same architectural view like the Pagodas in Myanmar. There is a huge bronze statue of the Buddha made of eight metals in this Vihāra.
There are two lamp houses at the two sides of the above mentioned Vihāra where lay devotees offer lighted lamps in order to fulfill their inherent wish.
A residence hall of the Bhikkhus of the Rajbana Vihāra, as known as Gate Building, is located to the north of the Vihāra.
Beside the Gate Building there is a statue of the Venerable Arahant Upagupta Mahathera.
A Vihāra with a bronze statue of Venerable Banabhante.
A Buddhist Vihāra with a standing statue of the Buddha.
A main two-storied Vihāra with another statue of the Buddha.
 Venerable Banabhante’s residence as titled as the ‘Sadhana Kuthir’ was established in 1993.
There is another big building of beautiful architectures that was built next to the Sadhana Kuthir in 2008. The height of this building is equivalent to a two-storied building at the South side; however the height is approximately to a size of a four-storied building to its North side. The second floor of this building is used as Venerable Banabhante’s residence hall and the ground floor is designed for a museum showing the materials used by Venerable Banabhante.
 A walking meditation (Chankraman) room of Venerable Banabhante.
 A huge preaching hall having the capacity of containing 2000 people.
 Two special rocks.
Two Bodhi trees.
A weaving house.
A seven-storied heaven house.
The Rajbana hospital.
A Bhikkhu ordination hall (Sima hall) with a capacity of 300 Bhikkhus.
Rajbana Vihara Complex

A seven-storied heaven house of Rajbana Vihara


# Dhaka – via – Chittagong – Rangamati: By road 340 km. Air and Railway services are also available up to Chittagong.

# Chittagong – Rangamati: Only by road 76 km.

Mailing address:

Rajbana Vihara, P.O- Rangamati-4500

District- Rangamati Hill District, Bangladesh.

Visiting Hours Of Rajbana Vihara Complex:

Late Afternoon
6:00 am - 12:00 am
4:00 pm - 6:30 pm