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Tripiṭaka (Pali: Tipitaka) is a Pali word meaning Three Baskets. It is the traditional term used by Buddhist traditions to describe their various canons of scriptures. The expression Three Baskets originally referred to three receptacles containing the scrolls on which the Buddhist scriptures were originally preserved. Hence, the Tipiṭaka traditionally contains three "baskets" of teachings: a Sūtra Piaka (disambiguation needed) (Sanskrit; Pali: Sutta Pitaka), a Vinaya Piaka (Sanskrit & Pali) and an Abhidharma Piaka (Sanskrit; Pali: Abhidhamma Piaka).

Tripitaka comprises the three main categories of texts that make up the Buddhist canon.


The Buddha delivered all His sermons in local language of northern India. These sermons were collected during 1st assembly just after the death of the Buddha. Later these teachings were translated into Sanskrit. They may contain descriptions of Buddha and parables which may help lead to enlightenment of the reader.


Philosophical and psychological discourse and interpretation of Buddhist doctrine.


Rules and regulations of monastic life that range from dress code and dietary rules to prohibitions of certain personal conducts.
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