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Hello visitors! Welcome to my website- “The Tipitaka and Buddhist Book Store”.

    I am Gyana loke Thero, also known as Gyana loke vante, a admin of this website. I am Buddhist monk of Rajbana Vihara. May be you know, Rajbana Vihara is the most famous Buddhist temple in Rangamati, Bangaladesh.
Gyanalok Thero, Rajbana Vihara, Rangamati.

    It is the great happiness matter of me that I am a disciple of The Most Venerable Sadhanananda Mahathero (Banavante). He was the self-view restrained, sense-view restrained and mind-view restrained Ariya-person. He was a Sāvaka Buddha and an Arahant.
Gyanalok Thero with the most Venerable Banabhante

    I always try to my best to practice and spread the noble eight-fold path and Buddhism. For this, I created this site. There are a lot of Bengali Buddhist books, and also the Holly Tipitaka Books in Chakma and Bengali language in this site. In future, I will try to post the Holly Tipitaka books in Pali and other language, and also English Buddhist books.

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Gyana loke Thero

Take Pabbajjā:
On 29 July, 2004, Friday, Ashari purnima
Place: Ratnangkur bana Vihara Shramon Hall, Naniar char, Rangamati, Bangladesh.
Pabbajjā Guru: Venerable Bishuddhananda mahathero
Take Upasampadā:
On 7 January, 2005, Tuesday
The Bhikkhu Sima: Rajbana Vihara Bhikkhu Sima, Rangamati.
The principal Bhikkhu: The Most Venerable Sadhanananda Mahathero (Banavante)


 Vassa No
Name of Vihara
 12005Thalchap international meditetion center
Longadu, Bangladesh
 22006 Ratnangkur bana vihara
 Naniarchar, Rangamati, Bangladesh
2007Ratnangkur bana viharaNaniarchar, Rangamati, Bangladesh
 42008Mahajon parha bana vihara

Naniarchar, Rangamati, Bangladesh
 52009Thalchap international meditetion center Longadu, Bangladesh
 62010 Moitri bana vihara
 Chitagong, Bangladesh
 72011 Rajbana Vihara Rangamati, Bangladesh
 82012 Rajbana Vihara Rangamati, Bangladesh
Rajbana Vihara Rangamati, Bangladesh
      10  2014 Rajbana Vihara          Rangamati, Bangladesh

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