Tioga Old Home Day Organization

Founded 1956


By-Laws, revised January 7, 2009

As part of re-organization


Article I                       Purpose


A.        The purpose of the Tioga Old Home Day Organization shall be to establish and promote a spirit of unity, friendship and sociability among its members and the community; to stimulate interest and support to effectively perform the tasks for the annual Tioga Old Home Day Celebration each year in August; and to continue the original purpose of celebrating the end of summer and the start of the school year.


Article II                     Meetings


A.        Meetings shall be held every third Wednesday of each month.  The President may call a special meeting at his/her discretion.


B.        Notice of meeting shall be posted on the website at least three days prior to that meeting.


                                C.   There shall be a minimum of twelve (12) meetings per                                  year.


Article III                    Membership


A.        Membership shall not be restricted on the basis of race, religion, sex, physical handicap, creed, or sexual orientation.


B.        New Membership

1.      New members may join at anytime.  New members shall be

classified as an associate member until the requirements for active membership are fulfilled.


C.        Membership shall be divided into Active Members and Associate Members, effective January 7, 2009..


1.      An Active Member must meet the following


a..  Individual must attend at least six (6) regular monthly meetings in the current calendar year.

Prior  to January 7, 2009, an active member was anyone who came to monthly meetings on a regular basis and those who were elected as new officers on October 8, 2008, automatically became active members and continuation will be based on the current (newly established, 1/7/09) guidelines.

b.       All active members must be 18 years of age.

c.        Active Membership entitles a member to be nominated for an officer position, to have voting privileges and chair committees.

d.       All exceptions with meeting attendance shall be directed to the Executive Committee for review and approval.

Executive Committee’s decision shall be final.

e.        Individual must participate in at least three (3 ) fund raisers per year through set-up, service and clean up.

f.        Individual must be active in at least three (3) raffles per

year through sales. (If applicable).

                                           g.   Be a resident of Tioga Borough or Tioga                                                             Township.


2.      An Associate Member shall be defined as

anyone who is not a resident of Tioga Borough or Tioga Township, or anyone who has not met the requirements for active membership. 

a.       Associate Members shall have no voting             rights during nomination or election of                     officers.


b.       Tioga Old Home Day welcomes all membership and input  towards the common goal of being community oriented and friendly.


D.        Any individual to be eligible for nomination,

voting or election of office must be an Active member.


E.         Membership Removal


1.     The organization  reserves the right to expel a member who does not follow policies outlined in the by laws.  A majority vote of 2/3’s of the active members will be required for expulsion.


Article IV                    Officers


A.                The elected officers of the Tioga Old Home Day

Organization shall be the President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer.  The President shall appoint the following officers -  Historian, Tioga Borough Council Representative and the Webmaster.


B.                 Duties shall be as follows:


1.                  The President shall preside at monthly and executive committee meetings and shall be held responsible for proper fulfillment of all activities and projects.


2.                  The Vice-President shall be responsible for assisting the President in the performance of his/her duties; and shall act for the President in his/her duties in their absence.


3.                  The Secretary shall keep complete minutes of all meetings and Executive Committee meetings;  shall have the Webmaster post minutes on the web site prior to the next meeting; shall carry on all correspondence done by officers, for activities and for committees; shall keep record of membership (active and inactive); and shall act for the Vice-President in his/her absence.


4.                  The Treasurer shall receive, hold and keep a record and accounting of all funds; shall be prepared to give financial reports at any meeting; shall pay all bills as instructed by the majority of the active members.  All checks written from the Tioga Old Home Day checking account require two signatures from the Executive Committee; and shall act for the secretary in his/her absence.  All receipts and bills should be given to the Treasurer immediately upon receipt.


5.                  The Historian shall be held responsible for keeping a historical record for the committee; shall prepare signs for all committee activities; shall be responsible for taking/collecting photography of all committee activities; shall prepare an annual scrapbook, which shall include all photos, newspaper clippings, and other applicable articles relating to the organization’s activities.


6.                  The Tioga Borough Council Representative shall represent the Tioga Old Home Day Organization at Borough Council meetings.  The Borough Council Representative shall meet the following requirements:


·         Shall be an Active Member

·         Shall be no officer of the Executive Committee except the President.


7.         The Webmaster shall be responsible for maintaining and updating the Organization’s website with information related to the Organization’s activities, requirements and events.  No other member shall have these capabilities unless otherwise instructed by the Webmaster due to extraneous circumstances.


                        C.        All committees shall have an appointed chairperson. 

                                    Appointments are made by the executive committee

                                    and are open to any active member.


                                    The executive committee shall be responsible for

                                    contacting the Carnival Company and arranging the

                                    proper insurance and permit.


                        D.        Replacement of Officers

1.         Election of officers shall be every two (2) years with the first election to be held in December 2011.  Officers maybe re-elected for an additional two (2) year term to the same office.  But after four (4) years in the same office, a member must wait two (2) years before they can be re-elected to that same office.  Nomination for officers shall be at the regular November meeting and voting shall be completed at the regular December meeting.  



Article V.                    Standing Committees

                        A.        Executive Committee

1.         The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.


2.         The duties of the Executive Committee shall be:

a.         To plan the order of business for each meeting.

b.         To present actions to active members for approval and/or action.

c.         To remove any member who fails to represent the best interest of Tioga Old Home Day.

d.         To call a special election for the purpose of filling a vacated office.

e.         To meet as an Executive Committee at least four times per year.


3.         Any member of the Executive Committee may call a meeting of the Executive Committee, but a majority of the officers must be present to constitute a meeting.


4.         A special meeting may be called by the Executive Committee anytime as needed.


B.        Audit Committee


1.         The  Audit Committee shall consist of two (2)  active members who will be appointed by the President, but can not be members of the Executive Committee.


2.         The Audit Committee shall be appointed at the regular meeting in September each year.


3.         The Audit will be performed each year in October and results reported at the November regular meeting.


Article VI        Voting and General Business


A.        One-fourth of the active members in good standing shall constitute a quorum to transact general business.


B.        An active member shall have but one vote on each issue and may only vote when present.


C.        The President may vote only when the vote is by ballot or in the case of a tie. 


D.        Only active members may vote. 


                        E.         A majority shall be defined as 51%.


Article VII                  Finances 

A.        All finance issues shall be directed through the Treasurer.



Article VIII     Amendments   


A.        The bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the total Executive Committee.  All active members are welcome to present comments, additions and/or changes to the Executive Committee for review.  


B.        The proposed amendment or repeal must be entertained in writing at one meeting and voted on at the next meeting.


C.                 Final ratification of an amendment shall be by a majority vote of the active membership.



Article IX        Parliamentary Authority 


A.        The proceedings of the meeting shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order. 


B.        The suggested order of Business shall be:


                        1.         Call to order.

2.         Minutes from previous meeting will be presented for review and acceptance.

3.         Treasurer’s Report. – for approval and acceptance.

4.         Report of Committees.

5.         Unfinished business.

6.         New business.

7.         Adjournment


C.        This order may be changed at the discretion of the President to facilitate a particular meeting.



These by laws are effective February 25, 2009.





Tioga Old Home Day,
Feb 28, 2009, 7:07 PM