Myeik Archipelago (Mergui Archipelago)

update:  27 April 2009

Myeik Archipelago (previously known as Myeik Archipelago) is situated in southern Myanmar. The Archipelago is a candidate for the Seven Natural Wonder of the World. Lampi Island is an island of the archipelago and it is located almost in the middle of the archipelago. Lampi Marine National Marine National Park is the one and only Marine National Park in Myanmar and it is also an  ASEAN cultural heritage site. You can find rare intact mangrove forest there. You can see how good they are in the photographs in this page. Have you ever seen such big mangrove trees before at any other places? I can assure you that you can find them in Myanmar. The intact mangrove forests!!!

Amazing forest!!! Biodiversity! conservation! sustainable development! All are waiting for us. I went there with some local and overseas scientists by research katamaran, "Sea Nomad", owned by Phuket (Thailand) based Marinasia Co. Ltd. Would you like to go around the Lampi and some southern islands of the Myeik Archipelago in southern Myanmar, please contact  at info@ecoswiss.orgThey won't be your indelible days if you can go there! Myeik Archipelago was a candidate of 7 Natural Wonder of the World.

In fact, Mergui Archipelago Biodiversity Research was initiated by a Swiss INGO, ECoSwiss, and then, in collaboration with the OIKOSMSAM and BANCA, we have been doing Myeik Archipelago Biodiversity Research Programme. You can take a glane of our activities from the following brochure in pdf.

Myeik Archipelago Research Programme, Brochure (500KB)   

Please, also visit Myanmarn Environmental Project and ECoSwiss

Here are two reports in pdf concerning the mangrove and socia-economic aspects of the Lampi and some adjacent islands of Myeik Archipelago. 

You can download them by just "click" on the title.

Tun, S. T., T. Swe and T. Tun (2008). Preliminary Study on the

Mangroves of Lampi Island and Adjacent Islands. (6.32 MB)

Tun, T. and A. M. Oo (2008). A Socio-Economic Survey at Some Islands  Adjacent to the Lampi Marine National Park. (1.90MB)