Silver34 and Krischen asked me not to stop development for TFTC. - It has some special features that M.A.C. can not offer. So I will work on the project.

Mobile Atlas Creator (
Version 1.8 alpha 7b or higher) fully supports AFTrack. It knows much more map-servers then TFTC und will run under all platforms.

Have a look at Mobile Atlas Creator. It knows much more tile-servers then TFTC. It does not support gmf (at the moment) but can export calibrated pngs (Glopus). The number of supported devices is growing fast.

AFTrack now supports GMF-file format. So I will delete BSB-support and enhance the GMF to select areas. This is neccessary to minimize the count of tiles within an GMF-file. AFTrack can handle 4096 GMF-tiles only. It also shrinks filesize.

At the moment I am learning how to develop software using C++ and Qt 4.5 . So I am going to rewrite the software to learn more about this environment.
Some small things will be done in the old GFA-Environment. So stay tuned :-)