(C) Changed
(A) Added
(D) Deleted
(B) Bugfix

Version 0.7b08 (2010/05/19)

(B) GMF-File with 1024x1024 tiles has wrong information header (256x256)

Version 0.7b07 (2010/05/18)

(B) 1024x1024 reactivated
(B) Editing the selected zoom levels caused TFTC to exit

Version 0.7b06 (2010/05/16)

(B) if not "Mode Select" Calculation of tiles does not work
(C) changed initial server for OSMC-configuration

Version 0.7b05 (2010/05/15)

(B) Changes to internal structures caused false selection of tiles to different zoom levels

Version 0.7b04 (2010/05/13)

(A) four new configurations (thanks silver34)
(C) changed internal structure. - If there are problems, try 0.7b03
(C) Ini-File format changed. - Please delete old file before using this version
(C) changed "Mode Select": Constant 32x32 matrix

Version 0.7b03 (2010/03/16)

(B) Added quotes to calls of "7za.exe". So TFTC runs in folders containing spaces

Version 0.7b02 (2010/02/28)

(C) Manifest.txt included to zip-File inside OSZ

Version 0.7b01 (2010/02/10)

(A) New OSZ-Format using 7-zip
(C) ini-Fileformat changed. - Delete old one before restarting.
(D) Height-entries.
(C) Tile-Server: If more then one server is configured tiles are automatically alphablended
(B) some bugfixes
(A) Added 14 Demo tile-server to ini-File

Version 0.6b05 (2010/01/21)

(B) Preview tilecount is wrong
(B) minor bugfixes when moving the map
(B) Calculating tile position in non selection mode

Version 0.6b04 (2010/01/20)

(A) Selectable tiles (GMF only)
(B) Some rounding errors to load the chosen tiles
(D) Deleted BSB-support. - If needed use one of the version before

Version 0.6b03 (2009/09/18)

(B) 1024x1024 tiles have been read with 7bit. So Alphablend did not work (Relief-Tiles)

Version 0.6b02 (2009/09/17)

(A) GMF-tiles can be written with 1024x1024 Pixels
(A) TTC remembers last Zoom-Level and Position

Version 0.6b01 (2009/08/13)

(A) Alpha-blend two tiles (height-maps)
(A) Possibility for recalcing tiles (decrease needed space)
(C) Ini-File structure

Version 0.5b03 (2009/07/18)

(B) unique filenames within GMF

Version 0.5b02 (2009/07/17)

(B) BSB template file missing coordinates

Version 0.5b01 (2009/07/17)

(B) fixed a bad memory leak
(A) different configurations can be set
(A) more then one server can be set for each configuration (mirror)
(C) Ini-File Structure changed completely

Version 0.4b02 (2009/07/15)

(B) BSB not working due to GMF support
(A) "Server tiles mask" for using alternative tile servers

Version 0.4b01 (2009/07/14)

(A) Glopus Map File Support
(C) Name changed to TTC (because of additional export format)
(C) New Icon

Version 0.3b01 (2009/07/09)

(C) Preview shows 4 tiles
(A) Output-folder
(A) Some values within ini-File
(B) Eventhandling if application goes to background

Version 0.2b01 (2009/06/29)

(A) Some infos about progress
(A) INI-File for individual configuration

Version 0.1b02 (2009/06/27)

(A) First official release