Tintenbrot's Free Tile Converter (TFTC)

The tool loads a set of tiles from a tile server to merge them to a calibrated map.
Some output formats (BSB) leeds to a (big image. So a lot of RAM is needed to hold the data completely in memory.

Platform: Microsoft Windows (win32)
Licence: Freeware
Output-Formats: BSB (obsolute), Glopus Map File (GMF), AFTrack (OSZ)
Input-Format: Open Street Map (Internet connection required)

GMF (Glopus Map File) can be used with Peter Kirsts Glopus for Windows CE or by Axel Fischers AFTrack for S60 mobile phones.

TFTC uses libbsb to calculate the bsb-file. BSB is no longer supported. - Last version which knows BSB is 0.6b03.

Disclaimer: For damage to hardware and software, I assume no liability. You use this software at your own risk.

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By the way: Thanks For The Cache :-)
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