Here, you'll find links to some great web site creation resources to help take your Google Sites skills to the next level:


 Google Sites Education


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Making Gadgets

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 Web Resources

 Seamless Textures

Color Pickers

  • Color Cop  Color picker - Free, Donationware - Windows
  • ColorLab  Color picker, lots of features - Free - Windows
  • ColorPic  Picks color from monitor - Free - Windows
  • ColorPix  Color picker - Free - Same developer has some other, Pro color pickers
  • Color Selector  Color picker - Free
  • Colour Detector  Pick screen color and get RGB, HEX, HTML & Long values - Free - Windows
  • CPick  Color picker - Free
  • eyeDropper  Color picker - Free
  • Pixie  Color picker - Free - Windows
  • Pixel Pick  Color picker - Free
  • pkColorPicker  Free
  • CBN Selector   Multi-function - colors digital images, create real material color specs, access manufacturers' standard colors - Fee - Win

 Digital Image Tutorials and Editors

Animated GIFs



  • AmphiSoft  Photoshop-compatible plugins - Free and Fee - Windows
  • Auto FX  Photoshop-compatible plugins - Free and Fee - Windows, Mac
  • Autostitch  Automatic 2D image stitcher licensed by 3 commercial products - Fee - Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Bricks'n'Tiles  Brick and tile material generator - German - Free
  • GIMP  Image manipulation program - Windows - free
  • GML Image Undistorter  Corrects lens distortion - Free
  • Grafnet: Photoshop Filters  large, comprehensive, PS filter listing
  • GrowCut  Makes image cutouts - Fee
  • Hidden Elements  Power tools for Photoshop Elements (comes with a very useful, informative book on mastering digital image manipulation)
  • Inkscape  Open source vector graphics editor - Free - Windows
  • Jay Arraich's Photoshop Elements Tips  Photoshop Elements education
  • Little Ink Pot  Photoshop-compatible plugins - Free and Fee - Windows
  • Optix XR  Color calibrate the screen
  • Paint.NET  Image and photo editing program - Free - Windows
  • Paint Shop Pro  Corel's image and photo editing program - Fee - Windows
  • PhotoFiltre  Image and photo editing program - Free - Windows
  • Power Retouche  Photoshop-compatible plugins and tutorials - especially nice is the transparency editor IMHO
  • ProjecTile  Preview images as a tiled image - Free - Windows
  • PTLens  Program that corrects lens pincushion/barrel distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and perspective - Windows, Mac 
  • The Plugin Site  Photoshop-compatible - Free and Fee
  • Trimoon  Photoshop black/white eliminator/transparency plugin - Free
  • Xero  Photoshop-compatible plugins - Free and Fee - Windows


  • AllChars  Quickly creates accents and special characters - Free - Windows
  • High-Logic  Font creators and font manger programs - Windows
  • Fontlab  Font creator programs - Windows, Mac
  • Font properties extension  Adds additional r-click TTF and OTF property tabs - XP
  • Cleartype Tuner  XP PowerToy adjusts font clarity on LCD screens

Web Fonts

Computer Fonts

Consider using a font manager to organize font collections, and loading special fonts only when needed, instead of installing a bunch of seldom used fonts - ie MainType


  Other Cool Stuff

  • TinyURL
  • Notepad++   Text editor - can be set to view source code from IE browsers.