Solar Power Project

Update: 13 December 2017

A "Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) Town Hall will be held tonight 13 December) in Collinsville.This comprehensive energy law will bolster investments in wind, solar and energy efficiency in the Prairie State along with job training and other programs to ensure an equitable and just transition to clean energy for all. The Act’s many programs and initiatives have the power to make Illinois a leader in clean energy once again! 

Join us to hear from the Citizen’s Utility Board, Illinois Solar Energy Association, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) about the many benefits of the Act and how you can reap the benefits!

Details Here:

Did you know that you could sign up for 100% wind power to be delivered through the grid to your home AND save money?
This is a great option, especially if you cannot go solar--go green and save $, too!
Learn more here.


Savings on my power bill since May 2011:
about 36.5
  MWHr of electric power (about $3100)
Economics of this Project

  To see a real-time summary of our electric production, follow this link:

For questions or comments regarding this project, or for help with your solar project, contact me at:

The 5.7 kilowatt array on the roof and the hot water panels on the garage wall in April 2016.
Ever since the 1970's I've imagined having a solar home. Peggy and I finally made the plunge in 2011, when we bought a kit to install on our home in Troy, Illinois. We had bought the house the previous year, and had looked for one that would be relatively easy to adapt to solar energy. The house has a flat south-facing roof with few obstructions to cause shadowing, and has a large back yard so that I could control the "solar window". I did have some mature trees to cut down (including one oak tree that we really liked), but we figured we could grow more trees.

To read complete details of how I planned, purchased, and installed this project, see the Downloads page.

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Is Going Solar!

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