Rules & Regulations


Registration tent will be open from Noon-8:00 PM Friday, August 3rd.   No Thursday arrivals. 
$50.00 Bounty given per gun per each Artillery unit. 

Registration will reopen from 8:00AM-Noon on Saturday, August 1st.  Special arrangements need to be made for registration after 12:00PM
All people attending the event (re-enactor, civilian, non-participant) must register.
No pets allowed
Parking passes will be issued and must be displayed in the windshield of your vehicle.
Please respect the property that you are camping on.  Only one fire pit per unit.  Save the sod and replace it when you leave.
Quiet time is 11:00PM-6:00AM.
No night battles, raids or firing of weapons at night.  The park is close to a residential area.
Independent individuals (stragglers) and units of five or less may be combined to form larger units.  These individuals or units will be placed under the command of a designated officer.


No drunkenness at any time
No drugs
No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by participants during public hours.
No modern or non-authentic weapons are allowed.
Minimum age to carry and/or operate a weapon is 16 years old with direct adult supervision
All edged weapons must be sheathed at all times
Weapons are subject to inspection at any time by safety personnel.


Responsible for disseminating information to their unit
Must read an make sure soldiers conform to the “Military Authenticity Guidelines.”
Must read and make sure civilians conform to the “Civilian Authenticity Guidelines.”
Commanders will be held accountable for the actions of their units, civilians, and family members.
All battle plans and scenarios need to be approved by the host unit and safety officers.
Participants are expected to maintain historical authenticity during public hours.
Every unit will send a representative to the pre-battle commanders meeting.


Footwear-Brogans are preferred.  No bare feet, moccasins, sneakers or inappropriate boots, etc…
Uniform-UNION-Light or dark blue wool pants, blue wool sack coat, shell or frock coat.  CONFEDERATE-Gray or butternut or period cotton.
Headgear-period style and material
Shirt-Wool, cotton, muslin, calico, or solid colors.  No plastic buttons
Socks-Solid color wool or cotton.  No athletic socks
Weapon: Enfield, Springfield or other historically correct weapon.  No shotguns.  Three Band muskets preferred.
Cartridges-NO LIVE ROUNDS.  Cartridges will be approx. 60 grains black powder, rolled in tan or white paper.  No coin rollers, tape or staples.
Eye-wear: No modern eye-wear
Camp Equipment-No modern conveniences during public hours


Care and safety of horses are sole responsibility of the rider and/or owner.
Horses will not be ridden through camp areas, spectators, or re-enactors.
Horses will remain in picket areas except when drilling, passing in review, parade or battle.
No one will be allowed in areas where horses are on picket except riders/owners.
Cruelty or abuse of horses will not be tolerated
All horses will be sound and fit for duty


Cannon and/or carriage will be inspected for safety
Artillery can be ½, ¾, full scale or mortar
Artillery must have necessary equipment for safe operation
There must be at least two minutes in between each firing
While transferring powder charge from limber to artillery piece, the charge must be in leather gunner’s sack.  Only one charge per gun will be transferred at a time
Only one charge per firing at a time
No projectiles or wadding will be permitted in cannon/mortar
Only prepared charges are allowed in the limber while on the battlefield.  No black powder will be stored in bulk while on the battlefield
Limber will be at least 20 feet from the artillery with the lid closed.  Powder monkey must stay with the limber at all times.
Fuses and caps will be stored separately
Cannon will have at least a crew of four.  Mortars will have at least a crew of two.
No one except crew is allowed within 20 yards of artillery while in operation. If anyone or anything enters within 20 yards, artillery will cease fire.
Artillery must be swabbed and wormed before next charge is placed in the barrel.
No artillery will be captured or overrun unless prearranged by the host unit safety officers
All crew members must be at least 14 years old except the powder monkey or color guard.
All artillery will be fired by approved methods and battle drills
A representative from each gun crew must attend the pre-battle commanders meeting


Civilians are encouraged to participate in the living history
Civilians are expected to conform to these guidelines
Civilians are NOT allowed to carry weapons of any kind without the prior approval of host unit and safety officers.
Any type of day dress is acceptable
No obvious modern conveniences such as eye glasses, makeup, nail polish, zippers, Velcro, inappropriate footwear, etc…
Hair should be confined and covered with a hat, snood or bonnet.
Adult women should have their arms, shoulders, and chest covered during the day unless wearing a tea dress.
Hoop bands should not show and skirt should be taut over hoop.
Males civilians are expected to wear period appropriate clothing, head gear and footwear.
Civilians portraying functions such as morticians, Christian Commission and the like are expected to stay in character during public hours.  These individuals should also be appropriate for the time period.


The battle is taking place on a historically sensitive site as well as a nature park.  Always keep this in mind.  Please clean up before you leave, conduct a unit police call and fill in your fire pit.  The museum and the barns contain priceless artifacts, respect those areas.
Respect the nature park.  YOU MUST STAY ON THE TRAILS EXCEPT IN DESIGNATED AREAS I.E. CAMP GROUNDS and BATTLEFIELD.  This is for you safety and to preserve the park.
Observe all posted rules and regulations
Stay out of marshes and ponds.  There are large snapping turtles present and the marshes are very deep.
Place trash in designated areas.
Stay away from the designated BEE HOUSE on the Country Lane.  It is active and clearly marked.
There is no foraging in the nature park