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Eclectic Witch

At the moment I'm in an traditional Alexandrian coven, but I also see myself as an eclectic witch. I sometimes do rituals with other people and/or groups. It's always nice to meet and work with other pagans!

My eclectic path is a blend of ideas from various traditions and sources: the Old Religion, druidry, wicca, shamanism and more. Like in a witch's cauldron I add things to season the brew, spice it up, make it more effective, etc. I like to study other paths and traditions to learn from it. There's always more to know...

I respect people of all religions and hope they respect mine. I never try to convert people. Everyone should be free to choose his or her own path. But if anyone asks me about my path, I'll try my best to give an answer.


Not The Stereotype...

We all know the witches from fairytales: old, ugly, crooked nose with big pimple, etc. That's not the witch I am, although I sometimes like to dress up for Halloween! ;-)

I do have besoms or brooms; however they are not used for flying but for cleaning the circle, the sacred space, before doing a ritual. At the moment I have four, all selfmade:

Witches don't worship the devil. We don't even believe in the devil. To me he is an invention of the catholic church, a corruption of the Horned God. It wasn't possible to let people forget about him, so he was turned into something evil...


My View On Deity

 I am raised as a Roman Catholic, but I have always missed things in that religion. For example the female aspect of deity: I believe in one God and one Goddess, sometimes acting under different names but all manifestations of the same. Like everything in nature there has to be a balance: the God can't exist without the Goddess and vice versa.

When I started to develop an interest in witchcraft I embraced the Goddess, but I had to get even with the image of the catholic God. During that time I made a connection with Pan, who is almost the opposite. It was through the book "The Love Spell" by Phyllis Curott that I finally understood my connection with male deity.

The Goddess also has many faces. I feel close to her as Gaia or  Mother Earth, and I've always had something with Bast, the Egyptian Goddess of (among other things) cats. I have several statues in my home. This is one of them: